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Howard Levy, D.O. is a ***. His license is suspended in Michigan and he is on probation in California. He gave a deposition in a lawsuit wherein he admits having sex with his patients in the exam rooms. His soon-to-be ex-wife actually installed hidden cameras in the exam rooms a few years ago to catch him boinking on tape. He has many complaints and the Osteopathic Board let him off with probation. He is still feeling up his female patients and harassing anyone who files a complaint even going so far as to sue them. He finally killed a patient after injecting her back with Rooster extract in a controversial procedure called Prolo-Therapy.

Do NOT see this guy alone! The IPA he belongs to in Moreno Valley, CA refuses to remove him from their panel of doctors, even after being found guilty and being placed on probation.

PARENTS! DO NOT let this guy do a SCHOOL PHYSICAL on your child - male OR female. They are done in the locker room at YVHS and it is a SHAM. Your child could DROP DEAD on the track from an undiagnosed condition as there is no real exam done.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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He also is a pill pusher.He gives controlled meds to anyone, regardless of who they are and how much they should take.

A complete fraud.The authorities should revoke his license.

Yucca Valley, California, United States #1181716

Dr.Levy is nothing more then a drug dealer with a license.

He verbally and mentally attacks his staff and last time I checked he's fu**ing his office manager. He is a living piece of *** and needs to have his license revoked. The funny thing is a fee years ago he drove off the best MA he ever had Cueppie since then he has lost a bunch of patients including myself.

Dr.Howard P Levy your a real douche bag


I don't believe any of this!!! I have seen Levy for many years and never seen any inappropriate behavior.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1223684



A long time medical assistant said she was fired for getting pregnant. She said that he and his GF the office manager sent her a note telling her to get an abortion.

Yucca Valley, California, United States #809306

I use to clean Levy's house and his live in is a mean and nasty lady.She thinks she is above everyone and treats them like hired help.

Their house is full of dog hair and they don't pick up after themselves it's really gross. So for them to bad mouth the real Mrs. Levy is a immature act on their part.

Grow up's about time.

Yucca Valley, California, United States #721449

howie, meet me at our usual place for lunch, our favorite table, missed you last week. So many things to say for old times sake.

I'll be waiting at out usual place, can't wait howie. take the day off we'll go to big bear for the day.

weighting for you' like old times b

ti ==

Palm Desert, California, United States #690977

Sharon....the TRUTH will set you free.>>>> Your time is coming!!!<<<<:p

Rosemead, California, United States #690493

Sharon....Your LIES are catching up with U NOW!!!!! :p

Yucca Valley, California, United States #690415

You have sooooooo much anger and hate in your tone, for sure you are levy and arlene,,,,,,,,,,,,so funny, funny funny

uh huh :( :(


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